Family History Tree Memento by Evelyn Jackson
O'Kelley Family Tree

Disclaimer: This tree was drawn in the 1970's based on oral history.  There are a few known discrepancies.  Family members are welcome to submit updates or corrections for our growing family tree.  This tree drawing is a  family memento.

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O'Kelley Family Reunion

Thank you for visiting our reunions page!

The yearly links below provides some history on how prior family reunions were organized and what events occurred.

Provided here is a reunion planning guide compiled by Nelson O'Kelley Minter.

This was used in organizing a St. Louis, MO reunion.

Go to Los Angeles, CA (Canceled, New Date TBD)

Go to 2018, Washington, DC

Go to 2016, Atlanta, GA

Go to 2014, Dallas, TX

Go to 2012, St. Louis, MO

Go to 2010, Anaheim, CA

Go to 2008, Chicago, IL

Go to 2006, Nassau /Bahamas 3-day Cruise

Go to 2005, Memphis, TN Special Family Assembly Plans

Go to 2004, Phoenix, AZ Reunions News and Photos

Go to 2002, Atlanta Georgia

Go to 1989, Memphis, TN new

Reunions prior to online registrations are in the process of being referenced on this page with memorabilia.

  • 1991, Las Vegas, NV
  • 1979, Portage, IN
  • 1960s, St. Louis, MO (last one held in homes)
  • 1938, Chicago, IL
  • And many more!

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