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Disclaimer: This tree was drawn in the 1970's based on oral history.  There are a few known discrepancies.  Family members are welcome to submit updates or corrections for our growing family tree.  This tree drawing is a  family memento.

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--> Ellen Fisher Descendant Indexes

--> Ellen Fisher Descendant Chart (pdf). Click below images for higher resolution jpeg files.

Descendant Report part 1

Descendant Report part 2

--> David Kelly Last Will and Testament, 1838: David Kelly is the grandfather of James E. O'Kelly and John Beattie O'Kelly, the two plantation owners that fathered children with our enslaved martriarch, Ellen. David Kelly's will is the only one in this patriarichal line which lists slaves. His son John (Frances Marion) O. Kelly, and grandsons James E. & John B. all died after the Civil War. David Kelly was born in 1763 in Paris, South Carolina, his father, Abraham Perry, was 28 and his mother, Elizabeth Hallom, was 23. He married Elizabeth Tyner in 1788 in Darlington, South Carolina. They had 11 children in 20 years. He died on January 1, 1838, in Kellytown, South Carolina, having lived a long life of 75 years, and was buried in Darlington, South Carolina. He was very active and served as Deacon at the Gum Branch Baptist Church.

--> John O. Kelly (aka John Francis Marion Kelly) Last Will & Testament, 1881 born October 28, 1799 / died November 23, 1882 (father of James Edward, John Beattie, Thomas Manley O'Kelly and other children). His children born in South Carolina were born as Kelly, some later changed their name to O'Kelly & O'Kelley. His children born in Florida retained the last name of Kelly/Kelley.

--> Obituaries - As submitted by the respected family.

--> Will Dock O'Kelley

Mr. and Mrs. Charles O'Kelley

During the late 1800's-early 1900's in Mississippi, the O'Kelley children acquired land and other resources that enabled them to prosper.   Two of the O'Kelley sons (Dan and Charles) owned large plantations in Magenta, Mississippi.  These plantations provided goods to several grocers in the Greenville area.  The middle O’Kelley son, Will Dock, had a highly respected and successful barber shop which catered to both Black and White clientele. He was called the "Black Jew" around town because of his wavy black hair and light complexion.  His wife, LaVinia also had a thriving restaurant in Greenville.

Later on,  one of the frequent Mississippi river floods in the early 1900's wreaked havoc on  towns such as Greenville, MS.  Because of the damage, Charles and Will sold their property and a large portion of the family then dispersed from Mississippi to new cities such as St. Louis, Chicago, and Memphis-thus including themselves in what is now known as the "Great Migration" of southern Blacks who moved North.  The town of Magenta was later incorporated into the larger city of Stoneville, Mississippi, which is now the home of Mississippi State University's Delta Research and Extension Center.

Rosa Hillery O'Kelley
Rosa Hillery O'Kelley born August 1867, died December 21, 1938. 
Burial at Burr Oaks Cemetery in Chicago, IL

She is the wife of Daniel Smith O'Kelley and mother to their 10 children.

Dan O'Kelley's daughter, Evelina O'Kelley Bush had a "This is Your Life"  celebration presented by her Chicago church in 1957.  A devout 7th Day Adventist, "Ma Bush" a/k/a "Big Sister" a/k/a "Aunt Evelina" was the eldest of Daniel O'Kelly's ten children and the last to expire at 101 years old.  Here is the transcript that reflects the life of just one of our family members who made her way North from Mississippi.

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