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Will Dock O'Kelley was the son of Ellen Fisher. He was a licensed Baptist minister and a barber by trade. The name of his first wife is unknown.

Ida Dobbins was the daughter of Will and his second wife, who was known by some as Ms. Mack. Ms. Mack was in ill health and later moved to Helena, Arkansas on the other side of the river. Ms. Mack’s descendants are still believed to be in the area of Greenville, Miss. Ida later moved to Chicago, Ill. and died there.

Will Dock O’Kelley died March 4, 1929 in Memphis, Tennessee from complications of a kidney operation. According to his death certificate, he was 54 years old. (Editor's note: Census records show Will being born in Nov. 1867 making him 62 years old at the time of his death).

Will and Delia Britton were married in Greenville, Mississippi about 1911. To this union were born, Elvee, Willie D, (who were born in Greenville) and Charles Herman, Mamie Ruthe, Marge and Eugene Britt who were born in Memphis, Tennessee. They lived on Nelson Street in Greenville when Elvee was born. In 1920 the family lived at 396 Lauderdale Street, Memphis, Tennessee. When Will died in 1929, the family lived at 764 Eastmoreland, Memphis, Tennessee. Will, Delia Britton and their family attended First Baptist Beale Street Church in Memphis.

In 1930, Delia purchased the home at 214 Dunlap Street, Memphis, Tennessee where she lived until her death September 24, 1968. This home was down the street from the Memphis Steam Laundry so Delia had a chuck wagon built so that she could provide lunch meals to the laundry workers. She later purchased homes at 1242 Sardis and 216 Dunlap Streets in Memphis which she rented out until her death.

In 1971, the City of Memphis purchased this property from her estate, which today is the site of a softball park owned by the University of Tennessee School of Medicine.

Children of Mamie Ruthe O’Kelley Gammon are Charles and Ruthe.

Children of Herman O’Kelley are Delia Denise, Barbara Gail, Charles Keith, Kathy, and Erin Melissa

Children of Eugene Britt O’Kelley are Elvee Monetha, Eric, Belinda, Marion, and Navette.

Neither Elvee, Wilie D., nor Marge had children.

Elvee and Mamie Ruthe are the last living children of Will Dock O’Kelley.

Biography submitted by Ruthe Gammon Mangum
Granddaughter of Will Dock O’Kelley
July, 2000


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